Welcome to Relish the Random.  My goal is that you come here and learn something you did not know before.  We Relish the Randomness that is knowledge.  There is so much to learn about anything you can think of, and I personally believe that this knowledge should be readily available to any person who wants to know… for FREE!  Knowledge should be free.  I am a HUGE advocate of that.  So welcome to the land of random knowledge. There is a lot of fiction here as well.  Art, creativity, imagination, inspiration, discovery, information…  All found here.  So what do you want to learn today?

5/5/2016 – Hello Randomites!  It has been a very long absence once again.  I suppose I should fill you all in.  Husband and I MOVED TO ANOTHER STATE, oh joy.  Not that South Dakota was my favorite or anything, but I am going to miss a BANANA load of people.

Yay warm and fuzzy photo time!


ALL OF THOSE FACES, minus two because they live here in Chicago, WILL BE MISSED!

-cries alone in a corner-

In all seriousness though, the move is a GIGANTIC opportunity for husband, and if I use certain things to my advantage, it can be for me as well.

South Dakota doesn’t have much that is SUUUUPER interesting.  At least not to me.  I have been to Mount Rushmore 3 or 4 times and have seen pretty much everything there is to see there.

While I lived in South Dakota though, we lived on the East side of the river.  Cost of living was pretty fantastic, but you are surrounded by cornfield…  Then some more corn field…  Oh!  Cow!  …  Cornfield…

But like Children of the Corn, the people who emerged from in between the tall, allergy ridden plants of hardy, took  me into their commune.

And then…

Even though allergic to a ridiculous degree…

I became a Child of the Corn, integrating with those around me.

BESIDES my super awesome, amazeballs, adorkable husband, the best thing South Dakota gave me was the opportunity to almost try any career I wanted.

I worked waitress, bartender, concert hall bartender, sandwich artist (I had been one of those before though. I just love sammiches.), farm hand, CNA, Med-Aide, freelancer, company owner, house flipper/re modeler, horse hand, adult shop attendant, and many other small random jobs.

South Dakota was a great place for me to go to discover myself BECAUSE of how little there is around.  It allowed me to “run free” in my own way.  To support myself fully while doing whatever I felt like doing, whenever I felt like doing.

I found eventually that everything I do, some how revolves around learning something NEW.

Thus RtR was born.

Because DAMN IT if I’m not going to learn at least one new thing a day for the rest of my life.

What do you want to learn?

4/25/2016 – Holy crap it has been a long time since I have updated this.  Well, a lot has happened in a short period of time.  I believe I am just going to do a blog post (or several) on it as it would take up a very, VERY good portion of the home page.  Special news to immediately be aware of, husband and I moved, AGAIN.  Yes, I know, AGAIN…

This time we moved 600 miles away though.  He received an AWESOME job offer, I still get to work freelance, and together we move forward.  The downside is that I have been working RIDICULOUS freelancing hours to keep us in room and board until we find a stable and suitable place to live.  We are really hoping to not have to live in another apartment right at this moment, but it is looking like we will definitely be in a unit.

I plan to make a video about house/apartment hunting here in the Chicago land area and showing you all what the area has to offer for the money.  Right now the market is what is called hot, so finding a place for a decent price is proving to be a worth while challenge!

4/8/2016 – Video filmed, and to be released on Wednesday!  Editing process is going to be long on this one. x_X  My husband finally starred along side me in this video!  So be ready for that!  I was promised Comic Page 1 in days, but not enough days to equal weeks.  So I am hoping that will be sooner rather than later.  Knowing my luck though, later is most likely. :/

4/6/2016 – Wednesday is here and another video has been uploaded to Youtube for your informative pleasure.  I finally got the Social Security number Video 2 out!

4/4/2016 – To those of you who are here looking for the comic, I apologize.  I have given up putting out exact dates for the release of the pages as I cannot seem to get them on time no matter what I do anyway.  The comic release is at the mercy of the illustrator and unfortunately the only thing we can do to help is give her time.  Until then I have been attempting to drudge up a schedule for the rest of our content.  If you have not already, please visit us on YOUTUBE.  Please subscribe to our channel.  Our goal is 100 subscribers so that we may finally acquire our custom channel name.  Thank you for your patience!

3/22/2016 –  The cover of A Life after Death Chapter One has been posted!  Page one to come Thursday.  New page every Tuesday and Thursdays!  For more entertaining content till then please feel free to explore our site, or visit our YouTube Channel!

3/21/2016 – Well Ostara came and went.  I hope now that it has passed, the consistent warm weather is here to follow.  Yesterday was supposed to mark the release of our comic, but illustration has fallen slightly behind.  We apologize greatly and ask you to have patience.  The amount of drawing there is, is a lot.  For one person taking this on, she is bound to take a minute.  The cover of Chapter One was put into my possession yesterday.  It was not quite finished itself either, or it would already be up for public view of course.  I am hoping that it will finish by the end of the week and that Chapter One will be ready for all to read.  Well, all who speak English.  We have yet to figure out translation or subtitles. x_X

3/19/2016 – I apologize for absences!  I know that starting off that has been a pretty frequent trend.  This time though, not only do I have a valid excuse, I have a doctor’s note. xD  Last week Monday my husband was rushed to the hospital.  He was over all diagnosed with kidney failure due to sever dehydration caused by pneumonia.  He was not feeling well several days prior, nor did his condition improve over the days leading up to the hospitalization.  He finally collapsed, slamming his head very hard on a counter.  Luckily his best friend was here at the time and helped me carry and keep awake my husband until the doctors cleared him of concussion.  After his excruciatingly dehydrated body was pumped with over 2000ml of fluids in under two hours they decided to run a bunch of CT scans to attempt to locate the problem.  Somehow the doctor determined that my husband had become so dehydrated that his kidney’s had started to shut down.  Had he not lost consciousness and hit his head when he did, we never would have gone to the doctor, and there is a good possibility I would have woken up next to a corpse.  Husband is doing much better now and getting to the point of this little tale, I have contracted whatever it was he had before it developed into the pneumonia that almost killed him.  I am myself staying hydrated and getting lots of rest.  Too much rest probably, that is why nothing is getting done.  New in news though,Cheryl’s Stitchery (an RtR run company) has several new sets up for sale on their etsy store.  Go check it out!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/CherylsStitchery?ref=hdr_shop_menu

3/16/2016 – Hey guys, sorry no post yesterday, instead there is a video to check out!  Just follow this link and check out RtR’s latest Random Knowledge video on the topic of “The Social Security Number”.  If you enjoy the video or find the information helpful, please feel free to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

3/14/2016 -Ahhh happy Monday everyone.  Quite the eventful weekend on this half.  Husband had been super sick for the past couple days, then last night he passed out and slammed his head against the bathtub while going to the bathroom.  We rushed him to the ER where they did a bunch of scans and pokes and stuff.  Turns out husband’s little cold he was attempting to sleep off was pneumonia, and the reason for his loss of consciousness was because of aspiration on the water in his lungs.  (Not enough air flow to the brain).  LUCKILY he is completely alright, and was more than back to himself after they pumped over 2,000 ML of fluids into him.  A big thanks to the best man yesterday for doing all the heavy husband lifting!

3/11/2016 – Yesterday I finally grasped the concept of video editing software.  After a very long and heavy battle with the software, I came out victorious with the knowledge of how to edit a video.  This is RtR’s FIRST “official” video.  It is my second video ever edited, please be gentle!

3/9/2016 – A big thank you and WELCOME to all our recent new visitors.  There is actually a bit for you to poke around on here now.  There is more content planned to come, and as soon as I get more familiar with video editing software.  11 days until the release of Chapter 1 of A Life After Death!  I personally am so excited, I could pee.


3/7/2016 – THE FACE MODELS HAVE BEEN SELECTED!  I am so excited.  The main character of our soon to drop comic is being modeled after… dun Dun DUNNNNN… Milla Jovovich!  YAY!  She is sooooooo pretty.  One of my favorite actresses as well.  Yes I am a Resident Evil fan.  Of both the games and movies, the movies ONLY because of her.  My favorite movie of all time also happens to cast her along side one very bad ass Bruce Willis.  If you do not know of which movie I speak, you are not super green.

3/5/2016 – I missed yesterday. 😦  Was doing so well, but not going to let one little hiccup get me down!  Staying on top of things.  Yesterday we received the beginnings of our t-shirt making stuff!  I am sooooooo excited!  So look for cute random t’s to come!

3/2/2016 – Hurray for Hump day!  Most people’s weeks are half over, so YAY for that if you are one of those lucky people.  OUR MICROPHONE IS UP AND RUNNING!  YAY!  This allows me the ability to finally start producing videos!  So glad those will be out soon!  Personally glad of course.  It means I have accomplished stuff which is always an awesome feeling.  I am just waiting for these videos to be finished up loading into my editing software.  Our comic is coming along awesomely as well.  I am extremely excited to see the finished result.  A lot of hard work coming to fruition!  Please visit back to see more nifty things to come!

2/29/2016 – Happy leap day.  Fun for all those people who have birthdays on this day.  They get to tell everyone they are 6 when they are really 24. Haha.  So this is pretty amazing, right?  Regular updates.  Who knew I could actually do it!  I was feeling like I may announce my schedule to the world, but then figured that if I told everyone about it (Even though at this point in time NO ONE reads this -_-) then didn’t do it, I would be even more disappointed in my self than usual.  I have been keeping on track this time with more goals I have set for myself than ever before.  I hope to keep this upward train rolling!  I can not wait for Ostara this year!  It is going to be a warm, happy welcome back into the months of being able to be out doors not dressed like an Eskimo.  Not quite bonfire weather, which is my favorite weather, bu I can deal with the wet so long as it is WARM!  Please all wish my husband good vibes as he is taking his CDL(Commercial Driver’s License) exam today and could really use the positive feels.  He gets very nervous taking tests and always bombs tragically.  Mina-san (Everyone) thank you for following us and watching us grow!  Please look forward to more of my writing and Mary’s FANTABULOUSLY AMAZING drawings that are soon coming to comic form!  Thank you!

2/26/2016 – Good Morning people.  You may notice that our candle page is gone.  That is because we are in the midst of setting up an ACTUAL ONLINE STORE!  Yaaaay!  Recently we have expanded our product base as well.  Now instead of just custom candle creations, we will be offering soap creations as well!  We have different mixtures and scents for our soap, so once the page is up and running, please don’t be afraid to browse!

2/24/2016 – A big THANK YOU to all of our contributors.  It is the work you provide us with that projects this company forward in both reputation and fiscal needs! Haha.  It has been a long and bumpy winter, but here comes spring, and summer is looking to be extremely promising!  This coming spring actually heralds out FIRST COMIC RELEASE!  Yes, that is right, FINALLY there is to be some awesome stuff to troll around when you come to visit instead of the ramblings of a half insane mad freelancer with a dream.  So look for possible sneak peeks of the comic to come, and then all 8 pages of it in it’s first part glory shall be released IN FULL and FOR FREE on the site on Ostara this year, or the Spring Equinox, or March 20th, the first day of spring!  Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

2/21/2016 – Dun dun dunnnn.  Back to 30’s and snow.  Lame.  Super lame.  Another thing that is super lame?  Batteries in my keyboard are dying…  But it’s okay, because it is Sunday and there are plenty of games I can play with my mouse.

2/19/216 – Actually did some stuff!  Posts soon to come because of it!  Whoo!

2/172016 – We hope my replacement has been found!  It is an exciting prospect o be had for sure.  We were afraid that it was going to take much longer to fill my position at my current job, but if everything works out I will be done after a month and ready to take RtR to new places.  Place number one includes a solid schedule for posting.  There are  a lot of other things we have been doing, though not many of them have become physical assets yet.  We say yet because we are positive that with some hard work and perseverance everything will be remarkable in the end.

2/14/2016 – Another Valentine’s day come and gone.  This year it was a considerably enjoyable day.  I have to say I really couldn’t have spent my day any better way.  Lots of things accomplished, and lots of lovin’ from the husband.  Lots of plans for RtR are starting to come to fruition.  It has taken a considerable amount of time for pieces to fall into place, but slowly they are fitting in.  Soon, hopefully before summer soon, we will have some valid products, and an actual website up and running!  Thank you to who ever reads and supports!  Sharing is caring!

2/13/2016 – Good news nobody!  Due to some random events, I should soon have a lot more time to be spending actually doing things.  I am not entirely sure how things are going to pan out yet, but I hope it ends up with me having a lot of time and content for RtR.  There are lots of big plans I have for where I want to take RtR and I am feeling that now is the time to make them happen.  Things to come hope to be material, not just words of awesomeness.

2/2/2016 – So huzzah for blizzards.  A special spare day of time to get things accomplished that I of course squandered spending time with my husband, because I don’t do enough of that already.  A special magical update this evening with the special reveal of a possible phone game creation in progress.  It is quite exciting on our end.  If everything works out alright it could be our company’s first major step!  Relish the Random is also looking into work place acceptance of tattoos and piercings.  So if anyone reading this has any of those, and would like to submit their experience as part of the research done for this EVENTUAL post, I would be eternally grateful to those who take the time.  Thank you who read!  We hope to hear from you as well!

1/29/2016 – Not that I have many strict followers or anything, but I apologize for yet another extreme absence.  Recently my husband and I have accept the job opportunity of a life time.  I can not give away too many details, but we get to work together in a professional environment that allows us to travel.  The work is not as glamorous as we had originally perceived it to be, but I think that tends to happen with almost everything eventually.  I of course will continue to attempt to make RtR a success as best I can.  With the help of a very talented artist on my side, I do believe that with a lot of hard work, we will become awesome.  Not that we aren’t already pretty freaking awesome.

12/11/2015 – It has been a long haul, but the holidays drawing near signify the almost end of our first “life plan” stage.  After the new year I hope to have quite a bit to hit the site.  Thank you to the only person who reads this, who I force to read this…

11/4/2015 – Sorry it has been so far in between updates.  Working two part time jobs, plus my freelance work has got me rather neglecting RtR.  I am sad about this, but at the same time when I get any spare/free/extra time I am using it to study.  I have redoubled my efforts on trying to learn Japanese.  I have signed up for NihongoShark’s daily e-mails, and I have been voluntarily putting over an hour worth of kana practice in a day.  This has actually been a super boost for my confidence.  It turns out that the Hiragana and Katakana are not so difficult to learn if you just do it EVERYDAY.  I am very excited about the improvement I have been seeing in such a short time.  I even find that I am able to read certain characters on products at work.  Vibrators for some reason come in about 10 different languages.  Yes, I work in an adult store.  I love my job, and there is nothing dirty about it.  I am also a firm believer in everyone’s ability to each sexual satisfaction, so I am more than willing to help customers in my store in a professional and completely serious matter.  It is a sensitive subject for quite a few many people and I enjoy being able to be there for people to offer advice and information in a judgement free zone.  I even get paid to write blogs about products on the company site, so I mean, I can’t imagine a job more perfect for me.  Down side to retail though is that it gets BOOOORING quickly.  There is only so much you can straighten, dust, or sell.  RtR will be selling it’s wares at a local flea market on Saturday the seventh of November.

10/19/2015 – Where the living quarters are undoubtedly no longer life threateningly disgusting, the internet here is terrible. x_X  It is taking every ounce of my patience to make it through updating the sites that I get paid to update, so my own personal things have gone a little neglected.  I attempted to get an actual store website up and running here, but do to a lot of grievances, I am currently waiting on a return of my money so I can go with a different web hosting partner.  The job I have acquired is not only interesting, but a lot of fun.  I probably spend more time there than I should, but as soon as my initial fantasy with the “New Job” glamour wears off, I am sure I will no longer be picking up the mad amount of hours that I have been.   50% of my paychecks are deposited into the RtR account, so the more I work, the better funded RtR is.  I have a new line of candles started!  Check our candle’s page for more details!

10/7/2015 – THE MOVE IS FINALLY COMPLETE!  Now by this I mean that all of our crap is transferred over to the new place, not that it is all organized and put away.  Soon though I shall have my inventory sorted and will be able to post pictures of available products!  Thank you all for bearing with me!

9/29/2015 – I thought it might be beneficial to put our newest updates at the top rather than the bottom of the page.  Let’s start off with KICKSTARTER and PATREON!  I am extremely excited about this.  We are now live on both sites.


Because of this, I have noticed a pick up in traffic over our websites.  For those of you coming here looking for examples of the candles we will be bringing, I WILL HAVE THEM SOON!  My husband and I are currently going through a move, so literally everything that I have to show is wrapped in news paper and packed in a box that has been stacked somewhere in wait of transit.

For those of you coming here looking for our store site or business site, this is not it.  This is only our blog site.  This is what everything spawned from.  My obsessive need to do new things whenever I feel like doing them, and a consistent nagging that I should be writing about them.  Whether anyone is reading isn’t the point, it’s the fact hat I am writing in general.

For those of you looking for our business site, I am working on getting it up as fast as I can.  I realize I do not have anywhere on this site that lists my candle options, and am currently working on listing as much as possible.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to stop by and read all this!  Remember to take a moment to relish in something random today!

08/11/2015 – As of right this moment I am working very hard at getting content posted so that you may see examples of my work and enjoy the interesting facts I come across.  Please be patient and check back frequently!  I will attempt to update daily!

08/12/2015 – Most of the people reading this right now are personal friend’s and family so you know that I decided to start this only two weeks ago.  I am glad to say that thanks to one of our sneaky shadow illustrators, a logo and banner are on their way!  I am extremely excited to see them myself!

08/16/2015 – I know it has been several days since I have done anything.  Not that I have a huge following or anything, but I try to pay as much attention to the blog as I can so that maybe one day I will have a following.  In recent Relish the Random news though, the Logo is here at last!  Thanks to Grim1701 (You can follow her here on YouTube —->  www.youtube.com/channel/UCfK9ZD4clEFWeLnbkbJkilg ).  If you like video games, you will like her channel.


THE NEW LOGO!  Yaaaaaay!

8/26/2015 – It has been a bit since I have updated and I apologize for that.  Not that I have followers or anything who would be left disappointed, but in case someone happened to check back and it was still just the same old thing, I AM SORRY!

A quick update of the last couple days:

The husbiean and I went camping with my parents in the WI Dells.  It was very beautiful. We all had a jolly time.  I really like my parent’s style of camping.  We checked out very many cool things and places.  I will write a blog post for those of you interested in our journey.  We picked up hitch hikers on the way back.  They were really cool people.

Grim finished the Banner for the company, I am currently trying to figure out how to get it to display itself. xD

Here it is too look at for now. xD


08/31/2015 – So it has been a couple of days.  I finally uploaded the videos of the cliffs from our trip onto the youtube channel.

Please excuse the quality, I am currently in the process of getting a real camera.  I am hoping to have this accomplished by the new year! Whoo!  Then there will be lots of videos for me to show you.  I have many videos already made, but for some reason when I record them on my phone, all the videos are sideways… It doesn’t matter which way I turn the phone, sometimes they are sideways, sometimes they are not.  (Yes I actually tested out different ways of holding my phone to make them straight and none of the results correlated.)

So we are going to be investing in a real camera.  This will hopefully greatly increase our content output!  Double WHOOO!

Well that is all for now.  Visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more!

Instagram – RelishtheRandom

Twitter – @relishtherandom

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Relish-the-Random/1448473128814918



Good Luck to our artist Grim who is entered in a contest to win $1,000.  May many good winning vibes flow to you! (>*o*)>~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (YOU)


So it has been quite a while since I have updated content on the home page.  I apologize (To no one -_-) for this.  I have at least been randomly posting stuff!  WHOOOO!!!

News about Relish the Random happenings – Husbiean and I are moving!  You have no idea how excited I am about this.  We have been living in his grandparent’s old house.  They moved out to the nursing home and needed some one to live there and pay the utilities because ALL OF THEIR CRAP IS STILL HERE!  Now, I love my husbiean to death, but his mom’s side of the family are <_< >_> -whispers- hoarders…

So living amongst GENERATIONS of crap has left me a bit testy.  It is also SUPER difficult to actually get shit done.  Frequently I spend hours cleaning this house and my husband comes home to say “Hey, do you think maybe tomorrow you could do some house work?”  -Face turns really red as she tries not to scream-

That is a whole rant all it’s own.

But anyway, WE’RE MOVING!  Not only are we moving to an EMPTY place that we get to fill with only our own crap, but also to the “city”.  (I put city in quotes because I am from Chicago.  There are more people in that city than there are in the entire state that I am currently living in  right now.)  This gives us the opportunity to have luxuries close by and at a cheaper price.

Meaning, I GET TO GO TO THE GYM!!!!!! HUZZAH!  Husbiean has PROMISED me that we get to wake up in the morning together and go to the gym.  He does not work until 11, and since we will be in the city he will only be 15 minutes away from work.  It will be awesome to have this extra time in the day with my husbiean!  Also very excited about getting hawt!  Wewt!

While I am correlating this move I am also trying to get the Relish the Random website up and running.  I have several physical items for sale, not just services as a writer, editor, proof reader, or grim’s service’s of… drawing stuff. >_>  I also have several give away’s planned, but first that requires people to give stuff away too!

That is it for now for the update, time to keep packing.  We move next week, so there may not be another one of these until October.  October is a good month though, so I am hoping there will be LOTS of content to come!

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